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The Problem: The theme tune from Psych is stuck in my head and I can’t hear myself think half the time


I’m the kind of person who sings at the top of her lungs even though I can’t sing my way out a code encrypted safe box. I mumble partial tunes under my breath when the mood strikes me, I belt out my Taylor Swift/Simple Plan favorites while I get ready to go out and most importantly, I sing along to the title sequences of television shows whenever I’m in the middle of a back-to-back marathon.

What can I say, it’s a curse I have to bear.

Here are 5 title sequences (with only the coolest songs ever, in no particular order) guaranteed to make you sing along:


song by The Rembrandts

And you know what? Sometimes, I even clap along too!

Doctor Who

By this, I do mean the theme from seasons 5 to 7.5 (the one before Clara becomes an official companion to the Doctor). It’s not my favorite arrangement — that prestigious honor goes to the arrangement during the Russel T. Davies era. Nevertheless, the revamped version is a total hoot to sing aloud.

Duuuunnnnn daaaaa daaaaa duuuunnnnn duuuunnnnn daaaaa daaaaa dadaduuuunnnnn OOOOO WEEEEEE OOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOOO DOOO DOOO AAAAAH AHHHH AHHHHHH DAAA DAAAA DA DAAAA DADUN DADUN DADUN

arranged by Murray Gold


This is the very reason why this post exists.

performed by the Friendly Indians

I’m only on the third season of this show, so you could say I’m on the honeymoon phase and this song is stuck in my head. By the time I’m all caught up with the episodes, I’m sure I’ll be sick of the tune, but before that happens I’ll just be admiring the lines:

Embrace the deception

Learn how to bend

Your worst inhibitions

They will PSYCH you out in the end!

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Need I say more?

performed by Will Smith

The Big Bang Theory

This is one of those songs where you can learn and be entertained at the same time. Not that I’m saying you can’t have fun learning, or that you can’t learn while having fun — what I mean is that the TBBT theme has actual science-y facts in it and I just think it’s cool. It’s like Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. You listen and you learn simultaneously.

Amazing stuff.

song by the Barenaked Ladies

I have a confession about this one. It took me about a year or so since first listening to the song to realize that the “autotrophs began to drool” and not “drew”. Misheard lyrics: it’s the curse of ambivalence.

Over and out.

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