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The Problem: “The thing with money is that too much of it belong to people who aren’t me”


I want nice things partly because I have no patience of old, rickety things, and partly because of practicality. The way I see it, ‘nice things’ usually mean unclogged RAMs, cleaner hardware and more up to date technology… it means faster loading speeds, no dust or random crumbs underneath/between the keyboard buttons and fancier software. Have you guys seen the latest Windows 8 operating system? I just want to drool.

You can probably tell that I’m an amateur (self-proclaimed) technophile. I’m not a total obsess over the latest specs of this gadget, nor do I geek over sleekest design of that doohickey. But I do, in fact, sometimes get overwhelmed by the simple beauty of the occasional contraption. The first that come to mind is this laptop I saw advertised on TV. It was love at first sight.

HP Envy x2

Is it a laptop? Is it a tablet? No, it’s a transformer!

This baby combines two beloved gadgets in one, it’s like having one of those highlighters that is thick on one side and thin on the other. You (and by this, I mean I) mostly use the thick one whenever I need to highlight my notes for class, but when the teachers give you those reading assignments typed up with size 9 font because they want to save on space, you’re thankful you’ve got one of those thin highlighters in your pencil case. In this convoluted analogy, the thick highlighter is the laptop, the thin highlighter the tablet.

Personally, I prefer laptops to tablets: I’ve already revealed in a previous post that when asked if I wanted an iPad, I declined and asked for a generation one Kindle instead. Laptops are easier to type with, I find desktop browsers easier to navigate and laptops have just a perfect way of staying on your lap with the least amount of effort needed. Nevertheless, I understand the pros of owning a tablet. For one thing, it’s more portable and lighter and for another, when I am you are lying on the bed watching the latest episode of Mock the Week, it’s a little bit easier watching it on a tablet, don’t you think?

I can see myself doing so many things with an HP Envy that I simply cannot do any more with my old, chunky laptop (or more specifically, a two-year old Samsung N150 Plus notebook). Unfortunately, this beauty costs about £700 in the UK and I, for one, cannot afford that price tag.

Fuji Instax 210

Photography has always been a passion of mine and ever since I set eyes on my uncle’s SLR camera sometime during my early teens, I knew that was it. My one and done, to quote the fictional detective Kate Beckett. Photography is my passion, and nothing can stop me from taking pictures either by using my Canon EOS 1000D or my 8MP camera phone.

But then my DSLR’s been acting up because it may have sorta kinda gotten wet when I took it out during a slight drizzle, and I’ve simply missed the feel of having a reliable set of picture-taking equipment in your hands. My camera phone simply doesn’t cut it any more. I think the fact that it takes me a while to set up the camera app is one of the reasons why…

Point. Shoot. Print.

Anyway, that’s the back story as to why I want/need the Fuji Instax 210. I originally thought of a Polaroid camera, but then I read somewhere that it wasn’t was good as the Fujifilm counterpart, both in the cost and quality department. I can’t be sure because I’m not expert. Nonetheless, I love me some instant picture printing!

This particular one costs about $100 at the online store photojojo, but that does not include the shipping fee to where I currently reside. Converting that using the recent rates (read: using the Google search engine ^_^), that’s only around £65, yet that is £65 I do not have.

Apply 27-inch iMac

The only reason I wanted an iMac is because of the iMovie software that I learned to use for Media projects. The iMacs are provided by the school, free to  the use of the Media students both in the lower years and those in Sixth Form. I guess you could say that two years working on a Mac has allowed for some type of affection between those sleek desktops and me. My only argument? I own a notebook that is so slow, I can’t even work on the Microsoft Windows Movie Maker properly without developing an aneurysm.

I’ve pitched the idea of getting a new laptop to my mother, but instead of asking for an actual high speed laptop, I figured I could catch myself a looker and asked for an iMac instead. You could say it has worked; she has agreed to get me one as a joint 18th birthday and Christmas present, yet it’s halfway through 2013 and I still have not seen that contraption.

But you know what they say, patience is a virtue. Sadly, I’m going to be a cliché and comment that it’s the virtue I do not have. I want my iMovie software and I want it now! Yes, I do understand that I’ve completed my Media course and therefore have no real reason why I should still need an iMac. However, I’m an avid computer user and I’m sure it’s good for my health to actually have a functioning computer that will not increase my blood pressure (like what my stupid notebook is wont to do).

My precioussssssss

The Apple 27-inch iMac with 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5 processor costs £1,700, and the one with a slower 2.9 GHz is £1,500. From what I understand, the faster the GHz, the better, but that all depends on what you’re doing. I personally want the 3.2 GHz because hellofast is fast despite knowing that all I’ll be doing is surfing the Internet. That doesn’t really matter depend too much on the processor speed — well, I suppose it does though you can’t really tell the difference.

Oh, the plight of a skint technophile! All I has is wants and no money in mine pockets.

And before I forget… Just FYI, it took about five minutes of indecisive mutterings before I finally decided on the title. I debated the pros and cons of the word plight versus its synonym woes, and the same went with skint and broke; the former was because I was unsure as to which sounded better (consonance is everything, my dear reader), and the latter because this past two years I’ve slowly assimilated into the British youth culture and, well, I’m not used to the terminology/colloquialisms/good ol’ fashioned slang. And I shall stop now before I start a rant on the Curse of the Socially Awkward… that’s material for another post.

Over and out.

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