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The Problem: I’ve had a really busy day yesterday and an irritatingly harrowing afternoon today and now it seems I’m late for this certain photo challenge


Since my trusty DSLR has been forced into retirement, I’ve rarely gone out to simply take pictures anymore. Life has kept me busy too, so there’s that. I take the perfunctory picture of my mocha lattes whenever I’m in Costa, of course, and of whatever food I’m having at a restaurant. I take pictures of the sunset and of clouds and of the book I’m currently reading, but these are all photographs of the moment. It’s been so long since I’ve set out with a theme in mind — and this theme happens to be last week’s The World Through Your Eyes.

I have to say I’ve had some trouble with this one, mainly because it wasn’t until Friday that I found my inspiration. I was in town with my friend and we were sitting on the public benches wrong (I can never really sit on wooden benches when there’s a perfectly good brick wall behind it… and so the bench became my footrest!) and my friend and I were just making conversation. That’s when I realized that our perch allowed for a beautiful view of the road before us.

Imagine rollerblading down this road!

Imagine rollerblading down this road!

It’s a downhill road and I was struck breathless when I realized how beautiful it was. The road was nothing special, but the view that it represented was just WOW. It was an overcast day, so forgive me my seemingly too-orange shot, but just look at the trees in the horizon. Isn’t it pretty?

Moments like that Friday afternoon makes me happy in a jittery, high-on-life kind of way. I was so — let’s use the word elated — that I was inspired once more. Whenever I watch films and TV shows and a character is chasing after the bad guy, they look everywhere but up and it just infuriates me. Just look up, dammit! Anyway, I looked up and thought “I wonder how many people have sat where I am now and have seen the wonder in this seemingly ordinary place of rest.”


To risk sounding like I’m (was? will be?) part of the Flower Power movement way back before I was even born, Friday has reminded me how positive living can be. The world is a beautiful place, even in a town I have grown to somehow slightly resent.

Okay, enough mushiness. The pictures were taken using a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I can’t say I know any technical babble but since it was an overcast day, I’ve tinkered around with the exposure settings.

Over and out.

New Mood: relieved