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The Problem: drinking coffee at any time past 8 at night does wonders to my sleep patterns


I don’t know when I became a coffee person. I suppose it began when I was 11, 12 years old: my mother essentially forbade me from touching the coffee, claiming that it was a “grown up drink” and, I guess being the pre-teen rebel that I was, I took that as permission to try the beverage. Behind my mother’s back, of course! She never knew. I even went as far as to wash the cup I used so that she was none the wiser.

My very first cup of coffee was black with a boatload of white sugar. At that stage, I liked drinking coffee — only sporadically, of course, I was still a kid — because of the sweetness of sugar because by ‘boatload’, I really do mean boatload. But then at around 14, 15 I discovered coffee shop frappuccinos and how they were essentially just grown up milkshakes. By the time I was 16, I graduated to the hot stuff… I’ve sifted through cappuccinos, mocha coffees, and cafe lattes.

You may ask why I’m telling you guys my history with coffee. Well, it’s basically because I’m at this stage where all I can think about it having a cup of coffee to make my day. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I really do not want to get addicted to caffeine. My mother went through a stage where her hands physically shook whenever she needed another cup. Frankly, it was terrifying. Now she’s a tea-drinker and the last time she visited me, she left a box of PG Tips in my kitchen.

GPOY of me trying to tea

GPOY of me trying to tea

The relationship I have with tea is tremulous at best, given that every time I try the beverage it always tasted off to me. Like it’s not made properly, or that it was slightly incomplete. Have I left the bag to stew in for too long? Have I not added enough milk? Did I put too many sugars? To hell if I know. To use an Internet slang speak: I do not know how to tea.

Suffice to say, I barely touched the tea bags my mother left until last night, when I conducted The Great Tea Experiment. Yes, capital letters and all. I finally wanted to find out what type of tea best suited me. My friends keep telling me that tea is good (sometimes they tell me it’s much better that coffee… those liars). They told me to try fruit teas, but I only had PG Tips and some kind of chai tea in the kitchen and I really didn’t fancy popping down to the shops.

I am embarking on this great journey and I feel like I should write it down, hence this. Remember, the only difference between mucking about and science is writing. things. down!

The Great Tea Experiment, Part 1

Contender #1 (left): PG Tips, Contender #2 (right): chai tea

Contender #1 (left): PG Tips, Contender #2 (right): chai tea


To find which type of tea I like enough to start drinking regularly, in lieu of coffee, late at night.


  1. Boil enough water to fill to mugs
  2. Place one PG Tips bag in one mug (flag), and one chai tea bag in another (apple)
  3. Pour hot water into both mugs
  4. Let the tea bag stew for 1 minute
  5. Remove tea bags
  6. Add the same amount of milk to both teas
  7. Add two teaspoons of brown sugar
  8. Drink to test taste


The addition of milk made both teas look like my usual homemade coffee latte (three parts hot milk, dissolve coffee granules in milk, add one part hot water, three teaspoons of brown sugar, stir).

On smell: The PG Tips tea smelled very earthy to me… all natural and healthy and honestly, a little part of me cringed at how healthiness seeped through my nostrils. The chai tea, on the other hand, smelled easier on the nose.

On taste: The PG Tips tasted well while I was drinking it, but once I swallowed there was an aftertaste that didn’t make me feel very well. The chai tea tasted well while I was drinking it, too, and it did leave an aftertaste, though I found it more palatable. It was a foreign taste, but a taste nonetheless that I could get used to.


I could drink PG Tips if there are no other option, but chai tea is a clear winner here. Sorry if you’re a PG Tips fan!


Next time, I ought to cut the sugar content in half. Tea is not as strong as coffee. Also, I must apply this experiment to different types of tea — ie. fruit teas. I’m still not a huge fan of tea, even though I’m not that adverse to drinking chai tea every now an again, and it would really be awesome if I found that perfect cup of tea, you know?

Over and out.

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