let's pretend this is a physical manifestation of my mind… or something like that

I’m a lost soul. I blog about my journey.

Stick around if you’re into books and films and TV shows, but also if you’re occasionally interested in dreaming and taking pictures and cooking (maybe). You’ll quickly be acquainted with my inner voice because what I lack in conversational eloquence, I make up by talking a mile a minute in my internal monologues.

I won’t presume to think my life is interesting. However, I will go ahead and believe that my readers would enjoy what little misadventures/discussions/rants this blog offers. And maybe, you guys can learn from my mistakes.

I’m fiercely passionate about some things.

I’m deeply apathetic about others.

Hopefully I’ll find a balance somewhere but meanwhile… my name is Luigi, and I hope you enjoy your stay in my mind palace. (And yes, I am named after that Mario brother. If you dare mention it to me, then you my friend are a brave soul.)


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