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Current Mood: full from lunch, though now I am c-c-cold

The Problem: essentially I have no life blah blah blah I don’t do anything yadda yadda


Okay, this is hardly an original idea but it’s been zonks since I posted last and we’re covering poetry in Creative Writing class at the moment, meaning all I can think about right now, creative-wise, is poetry. Poetry, poetry, poetry! I’m hardly a fan of poetry unless the thing rhymes — what can I say, I’m a child at heart! — but covering Christina Rossetti and Robert Browning in English Literature bred in me an appreciation for poetry as an art form. I’d still avoid writing poetry with a ten foot pole (if I can help it), but I will honestly say that being ‘forced’ to write it by my Creative Writing teacher led to some interesting discoveries. Continue reading


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The Problem: As it turns out, modern art can actually be quite good


Ask me about art and I will no doubt mention Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Hans Holbein the Younger. They’re my top three favourite artists — well, my only favourite artists considering that they’re the only ones I know and their works are the only ones that make me go ooooh! in excitement. I go on day trips to London just to see their works in The National Gallery. Continue reading