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Current Mood: weary/dead tired/ just plain exhausted

The Problem: college life has begun in earnest and my Psychology teacher said when he looked out the classroom window that “summer ends when college begins”


The past couple of weeks I have been revving up to start college*. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t all excited about it like a preppy schoolgirl — the interview last month was nerve wracking (though I don’t know why because it was just basically a way for the staff to put faces to names), and the Induction Day last week might have been hell, but I chalk it all up to the many times I had to climb up and down four flights of stairs. On the plus side, I made tentative friendships with people in my so-called tutor group.

Today has been the official First Day — yes, capital letters and all. My first and only lesson for the day has been A2 Psychology; tomorrow is when I’ll be having all of my three lessons. I guess I’m glad I’ve only had one lesson, though I’m of mixed minds because:

  1. Monday morning Psych class starts at 9, meaning I had to wake up at 6 AM in order to catch the train.
  2. Monday morning Psych class lasts for two hours and fifteen minutes so yay! I’m finally learning again. What can I say, I like learning new stuff.

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Current Mood: conflicted

The Problem: I don’t know what to do because half of me feel like the world is my proverbial oyster while the other half is whispering abuse saying “you’re a failure already, there’s no hope in having dreams that will only become illusions of grandeur”


There are just some things you need to say aloud in order to clear your thinking. My mind, for example, is all a blur thinking about college and university choices, so much so that for the past six months, I seem to have been slowly packing my bags to hitch a ride on the train to Crazyville. As a result, I have devised this cunning list… a five year plan for the future, you could say. Behold!

The Five Year Plan

(aka The ‘I Better Not Screw Up Else What Little Left Of My Self-Esteem Will Disappear’ Scheme)

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