let's pretend this is a physical manifestation of my mind… or something like that

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Current Mood: nervous

The Problem:¬†I’ve always found it difficult to break into a new notebook…. I have piles of empty notebooks scattered around the place


If you’re here because this is a new blog and you just wanted to check it out, then welcome.

If you’re here because you’ve been redirected from my previous blog, welcome to you as well.

If you’re here because you’re lost, here is a grumpy Watson and a Holmes in drag to make your unplanned journey worthwhile:

“Lie down with me, Watson.”

This has been my first post, so thank you very much for visiting. I hope you’ll pop by again to hear more from someone who seems to be perpetually on some ¬†kind of identity crisis.

Over and out.

New Mood: relieved, but still nervous