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Current Mood: weary/dead tired/ just plain exhausted

The Problem: college life has begun in earnest and my Psychology teacher said when he looked out the classroom window that “summer ends when college begins”


The past couple of weeks I have been revving up to start college*. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t all excited about it like a preppy schoolgirl — the interview last month was nerve wracking (though I don’t know why because it was just basically a way for the staff to put faces to names), and the Induction Day last week might have been hell, but I chalk it all up to the many times I had to climb up and down four flights of stairs. On the plus side, I made tentative friendships with people in my so-called tutor group.

Today has been the official First Day — yes, capital letters and all. My first and only lesson for the day has been A2 Psychology; tomorrow is when I’ll be having all of my three lessons. I guess I’m glad I’ve only had one lesson, though I’m of mixed minds because:

  1. Monday morning Psych class starts at 9, meaning I had to wake up at 6 AM in order to catch the train.
  2. Monday morning Psych class lasts for two hours and fifteen minutes so yay! I’m finally learning again. What can I say, I like learning new stuff.

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